Closing Session - Nexus Summit Call To Action: What Have We Heard, What Have We Learned, What Do We Need to Do Next?

Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 11:15 am - 12:15 pm CDT
Nicollet Grand Ballroom

Please join National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education Director Christine Arenson, Founding Director Barbara Brandt and leaders of AIHC for an informal conversation as we close the in-person portion of Nexus Summit 2022. We learn so much from our presenters, colleagues, students, and partners at each Nexus Summit.  Join colleagues to reflect on what we have learned with, about, and from each other over the past three days.  Since 2016, the Nexus Summit has provided a unique opportunity for our interprofessional practice and education community to learn together in the Nexus to focus on what matters most and shape the priorities and agenda of the National Center for the upcoming year. Being optimistic about IPE, Drs. Brandt and Arenson challenge us to provide input and comment with a call to action on four major themes:

  • Workplace learning to accelerate Interprofessional teamwork in practice
  • Diversity, disparities and equity
  • Patient, families, caregivers, communities, populations
  • Galvanizing Systemic Change

Whether you have been to every Nexus Summit or this is your very first one, if you have worked in IPE for decades or are new to our community, your voice matters. Bring your "aha moments", stories, aspirations and challenges in this interactive, welcoming, and important conversation.