“Learning Together in the Nexus: A Focus on What Matters Most”

Reflections on Nexus Summit 2022 from Christine Arenson, National Center Director

As I reflect on the incredible Nexus Summit 2022 program, I am feeling grateful to everyone who shared their knowledge and expertise, engaged in dialogue and networked to connect with collaborators and opportunities. It was wonderful to be back together in person – and equally wonderful to hold meaningful conversations virtually. Thank you to the more than 125 individuals who contributed expertise in the design and delivery of the program. A special thank you to our incredible planning committee, who showed creativity and courage in their ideas to design an innovative program. We are grateful for your leadership and guidance. And finally, to all who participated in Nexus Summit 2022, thank you for making the experience a dynamic, rigorous and inspiring learning experience!

Over 500 people attended Nexus Summit 2022, which included more than 275 peer-reviewed presentations, student and professional posters and invited sessions. The programming showcased the amazing work happening to advance both interprofessional practice and education, including innovations that continue to emerge through the ongoing impact of COVID, workforce challenges, burnout, “the great resignation,” and financial strains faced by many of our organizations.

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Thank you for attending Nexus Summit 2022!

On behalf of the entire National Center team, the Nexus Summit Advisory Committee, and our co-hosts, thank you for attending Nexus Summit 2022!

Now available: Selected Session Materials and Recordings of Virtual Summit Sessions!

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Session Materials: Selected presenters have offered their session materials, such as slide decks and handouts, to attendees. Please check the session you are interested in through the Daily Schedule or Sessions pages. If presenters have shared their materials, they will be posted on each Session page below the Presenter information.

Virtual Session Recordings: One of the benefits of virtual meetings is easy access to recorded sessions. Now you can listen to sessions you missed during the virtual Summit on September 13 and 14. Recordings have been posted to the Session page for all virtual Summit sessions.

Plenary Recordings: Four of the Nexus Summit plenary sessions are now available for viewing! Revisit or listen for the first time to Dr. Barbara Brandt on August 21, presenters from HPAC, NCICLE, and IPEC on August 22, Lisa Morrise on September 13, and Dr. Erin Fraher on September 14. Navigate to the plenary Session page to view the recordings.

Announcements about Nexus Summit 2023 will be distributed in early 2023 through the National Center newsletter. Sign up here.

As the National Center celebrates 10 years of growth in the field since its founding in 2012, we continue to be impressed with the steadfast commitment to advancing care and learning across practice and education, while acknowledging there is additional opportunity to accel as the practice and education community continues to innovate through challenges to achieve outcomes that matter most to those they serve.

This year, we invite stakeholders in health to showcase their interprofessional innovations designed to improve care and learning outcomes. With increasing frequency, we observe - and encourage - practice and education partners intentionally working together to link health professions education and health systems for simultaneous interprofessional workforce development of future and current health professionals.

We are excited to come together to learn from, with and about the work you are doing to change practice, education and health for the better. This year’s Nexus Summit 2022 features a call for abstracts aligned with the National Center’s five strategic imperatives. These imperatives were informed by the National Center’s professional and lay (individuals, families, and community) advisors and partners as well as the local and national practice and education community and represent the focus and priorities for continued development to support the advancement of the field. 

Nexus model
The Nexus is designed to intentionally link the health professions education and health systems for interprofessional workforce development of future and current health professionals while simultaneously demonstrating learning and health outcomes.

In-Person and Virtual Nexus Summit 2022

Nexus Summit 2022 will include both in-person and virtual experiences. Specific themes will be aligned with each program format to maximize opportunities for our stakeholders to showcase their accomplishments, outcomes and innovations.

Join us in-person in Minneapolis on August 20-23, 2022 for:

  • Interprofessional Collaboration to Address Health Equity, Racism and Bias
  • Building the IPE Case Through Information, Evidence, and Outcomes

Join us virtually on September 13-14, 2022 for:

  • Partnerships Advancing Care with People and Communities
  • Person, Family and Community-Engaged Practice and Education

Featured in both formats (in-person and virtual):

  • Interprofessional Learning for Collaborative Practice and Education

Strategic Imperatives: Five strategic priorities emerged from Nexus Summit 2021 and are shaping the National Center’s work.  They also serve to inform the Nexus Summit 2022 Call for Abstracts. These imperatives represent priorities expressed by the practice and education community - and remain important areas of focus for the National Center. Visit our website to learn more about the Strategic Imperatives guiding Nexus Summit 2022.